Legendary Locals of Tempe


Author Dr. Stephanie DeLuse discusses Tempe’s humble beginnings with Charles Trumbull Hayden in 1870, and many of the innovative and collaborative projects, both privately and city initiated, that have paved the way and outlined the vibrant metropolitan city it is today.

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The vision of Tempe began with freighter Charles Trumbull Hayden, working with Mexican settlers, optimized the productivity of the valley south of the Salt River with his ferry, canal building, and milling activities in 1870, continuing with the founding of the Territorial Normal School in 1885.

Over the years, working collaboratively, Tempe’s innovative citizens have continued to creatively solve problems, capitilizing on opportunitunities in this land-locked 40 square miles parcel of land, surrounded by Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and Guadalupe.

Dr. Stephanie DeLuse writes how Tempe has remained successful due to both individual innovations like Big Surf, the first man-made wave pool in the United States, to city led initiatives like Tempe Town Lake, which reinvigorated the shore line of  a river bottom frequently left dry since the implementation of a dam system.

Published by Arcadia Publishing