Tempe: Arizona Crossroads


Dean Smith, with contributions from business biographer Peggy Bryant and researcher Dena McDuffie, provide an overview in this hardcover illustrated history of Tempe.

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Author and longtime Tempe resident Dean Smith chronicles the city’s growth from its beginning as Hayden’s Ferry – a tiny, one mill town – to today’s bustling, high-tech center of the Southwest, home to Arizona State University and Sun Devil Stadium (the site of the 1993 Super Bowl).

Complementing the text are more than 90 vintage photographs and 16 pages of brilliant color plate images.

Known as Hayden’s Ferry in its early days, the small farming community of Tempe has undergone more than just a name change in the last 150 years. Today, Tempe is a premier spot for education, sports, business, tourism and cultural entertainment.

“Partners in Progress”, a special chapter by Peggy Bryant, focuses on businesses and organizations that have contributed to the development of this project and to the city at large.

Sure to enlighten and entertain, Tempe: Arizona Crossroads will prove to be a valuable and cherished addition to any library.

Published 1990 by Windsor Publications, Inc.

183 pages; hardcover; index