What Part Of Tempe History Do You Belong To?

Are you a member of a family whose Tempe roots go back as far as the community’s beginnings in the 1870s – or earlier? There were, after all, quite a few families around here even before the area became part of a new Territorial addition to the United States of America. One could say you “inherited” Tempe history – and have helped build upon it, generation after generation after generation.

Perhaps you are part of that intrepid group of “newcomers” who began swarming into Tempe in the post-World War II era (some of you may have used the G.I. Bill to attend Arizona State College). Your generation started an overwhelming population growth that tripled the town’s population in a decade, then more than double it again over the next 10 years.  Now you’ve been here long enough to not only consider yourself a Tempe oldtimer but to have added kids, grandkids and great-grandkids to the mix. You have taken your place as a major part of a change in the course of Tempe history, from a small rural agricultural town to a manufacturing/big business/university city.

Then, again, maybe you are fairly new to Tempe – coming here from somewhere else within the new Millenium, but have already decided this is where you want to stay (and maybe raise another generation or two of Tempeans!). You are adding the new “chapters” to Tempe’s history and we will wait to see what your contributions will bring to this city by the Salt River banks.

No matter which of the groups you belong to, Tempe Historical Society recognizes you as key to helping keep alive the essence of what your generations have added, and will continue to add, to the always-changing chapters of Tempe’s history. And you can help do that by something as simple becoming a Tempe Historical Society new or continuing member and becoming a partner in efforts to preserve, celebrate and educate present and future generations about Tempe’s amazing history and the people who made it.